Challenges of the Art of Hosting by Ross

It would be very unfair to start off without honouring the art of hosting and harvesting that has inevitably changed our patterns of conversation ever since its inception. The art of hosting and harvesting has come a long way, and this wouldn’t have happened without its stewards and practitioners who never stop losing hope, which [...]

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Feeling of the heart (Marathi)

मानातील भाव एक पाऊल नव्या वळणाच्या शोधात अडकले जणु जिंदी ने पुढे जाण्याची हौस मनात दडवली कणाचा साथ घ्यावा हे जरी समजले तरी पुढे पाऊल ऊचलायला पाय दचकले सुरुवात झाली खरी पण मनात , अनेक विचारांची हुरहुर निर्माण झाली , अनेक नवे प्रश्न मनात घर करुनी बसले ,त्याच्याकडे जगात नवीन बदल पध्दती दिसुनी आली त्यांच्या [...]

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THE 'CIRCLEWALLAS' IN PROCESS TO CHANGE THE FUTURE OF GOA .... On 18 November 2017 , the Circlewallas network organised a conversation with the local people of Goa on the topic ''what future do you see for Goa?'' This conversation took place at Garcia de Orte in Panjim at around 4.00 pm. It was [...]

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Journey with Circlewallas – Hindi

सरकलवालों के साथ सफर मैने जब पहला कदम रखा इस सरकलवालोंकी दुनिया मे तब मुझे पता भी नही था की मुझे क्या करना है मैं किस वजह से वहा आई हु , पर सोचने वाली बात ये है थी की हर दिन में उधर जाने के लिए तैयार रहती थी. फिर समझ में आने लगा [...]

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About open space by Gloann

Open space technology is a kind of conversation created to engage people deeply and creatively around issues of concern to them. The agenda or goal of this conversation is set by the people and to catalyst effective working together. Some of the merits of the open space technology is that it is useful in [...]

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About Baga retreat house by Manisha

गोवा गोवा म्हटलं की सर्वप्रथम समुद्र आठवतात. समुद्र म्हटलं की त्यातून वाहणा-या निर्जळ लाटा आठवतात.लाटा म्हटलं की त्याला बघून खेळायला चंचल व आतूर झालेले मन आठवते.गोवा ह्या छोट्याश्या शहरात एक गोष्ट सांगायला सुरुवात केली, की त्यातून जुळून आलेल्या अनेक गोष्टी आपोआप आठवून येतात. ह्याचं छोट्याश्या गोव्यात समुद्र किनारे वसलेली एक सुंदर जागा म्हणजे Baga retreat [...]

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One Earth, Two Social Fields

I am reposting an article from last year by Otto Scharmer, MIT It resonates a lot with me, enjoy reading   Dallas, Ferguson, Nice. Turkey, Trump & Brexit. The simultaneous rise of global terrorism, of authoritarian strongmen and the far-right are the twin faces of our current moment. Even though Trump-type politicians and terrorism pretend [...]

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A new courage – by Joanna Pyres

We live in challenging but exciting times. More and more of us are sensing that we cannot sit by and watch what is happening in the world. My heart is either torn apart by what is happening "out there" where violence and war is ripping through peace stability and humanity - or torn apart by [...]

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