On 18 November 2017 , the Circlewallas network organised a conversation with the local people of Goa on the topic ”what future do you see for Goa?” This conversation took place at Garcia de Orte in Panjim at around 4.00 pm. It was held to find better ways at facilitating conversations and Ideas that could help us make, The Goa Of Our Dreams.

The conversation started with a process called the ‘World Cafe‘. This process is a form of collective dialogues around questions that matter and it encourages everyone’s participation. The people present at the conversation were more of tourists in comparison to the local Goans. The participants were divided into smaller groups, and three questions given to each group namely what do I love about Goa ? what future would I like to see in Goa ? how could I contribute to the future I want to see in Goa? the overall response, to which, was good. The’ Future Goa’ that people wanted mainly focused around a Clean And Green Goa, Local Employment Opportunities For Goans, The Participation Of The Youth And The Involvement Of The Tourists.

The conversation came to an end around 6.00 pm. The response to this conversation was good and it was a positive start for upcoming conversations in Goa.

by Wanisha