Private sector businesses

Join the adventure  –  new pathways for green prosperity in Goa!

  • If yours is an aligned industry/business house

–Get involved strategically in the green futures ecosystem-economy prototyping journey

–Offer your staff time from work to participate as faculty or mentors as a leadership development opportunity

–offer apprenticeships in-house to young people to build skills for the green economy  eg solar, water management, green building, eco-tourism, design, communications, marketing, PR, Media, etc

  • If you are personally aligned or have professional/skill

–become guide/mentor/faculty/host

  • If you have a CSR fund, sponsor young leaders to pioneer with us tomorrows economy

–Sponsor apprentices –food/stay/participation/travel

–Sponsor travel expenses of specialists & visiting faculty

Contact Joanna Pyres to discuss in more detail: +91 904 981 5262