Green pathways to prosperity and well being

Fellow Human Beings, we live at an exciting time in history

when our big ideas and belief systems are changing…

The 20th Century story of progress  is falling apart as an ideal

The view that  progress = how much we consume

that we can selfishly extract the earths resources and exploit all human value for our own profit and consumption,

from anywhere on Earth regardless of long term impact on ecosystems, humanity, culture or  well-being

does not take us towards deeper democracy or greater equality.

 and is no longer morally acceptable nor economically viable

for global prosperity and well-being.

In fact quite the opposite. It is taking us to the brink of system collapse and is eroding our humanity.

It has become an outdated model of progress.


But what if WE are the generation that gets to dream a new dream?

What if in the midst of all this madness that we see around us


……is the invitation to step into creating what comes next….


What if it falls on US to envision what progress means in the 21st century

and find new participatory pathways  to prosperity

that also  steward our natural wealth for future generations…


Join us for a collective learning journey

to explore new  green pathways  to prosperity and well being 

and discover how we could each play a role in co-creating a new 21st century story of progress for Goa 

“What future is possible when individuals, organisations & communities consciously create & learn together ?”

An invitation to join 

A platform for dialogue and action that brings different voices together, as a circle of equals to learn and co-create

We use a participatory leadership “operating system” to ensure we stay respectful and enable all to contribute

It is a new and ancient form of individual and community leadership for the well-being of the whole

Together We Are

Nurturing an active citizenship ecosystem of Goa Lovers from across Goan Society & beyond

Inspiring and supporting broadbased participation in co-creating a new story of progress,

That cares for the well-being and prosperity of the whole 

on a basis of honuring equality and diversity

This requires  facilitators of participatory multi-stakeholder dialogue and longer term collaborations. People with the skills to hold space for respectful conversation and provide a structure to  harness creativity and resources within the system.  Circlewallas! : )

So what is the plan?

  1. Train people from across society, especially youth, in new participatory leadership skills that enable them to host democratic dialogues focused on problem-solving the issues we face in Goa

  2. Provide a mentored apprenticeship so they can build skills and confidence through learning-by-doing and applying their new skills in real life community conversations

  3. Engage apprentices in hosting community level conversations eg village garbage  AND State level conversations eg Sustainable tourism etc

  4. Through participation in above  dialogues, invite individuals and organisations across all sectors to be in constructive conversation about the future of Goa and support youth leadership

  5. Continue to mentor apprentices through communities of practice as they build their capacity

  6. Nurture a network of active citizens from civil, public and private sectors and youth who want to help lead citizen-lead change in Goa, in line with the ideals of Indian democracy and the need for a new green economy (and Sustainable Development Goals)

  7. Learn together how we can co-create new pathways for Goa by building on the knowledge and contributions of the wider system

What do we hope to achieve?

  1. Build a cadre of new leaders of inclusive dialogue for change – the leadership model needed at this moment in history

  2. Support meaningful conversations to happen at village and state levels that invite citizen participation from across society

  3. Identify and co-create solutions to problems faced in Goa, informed by a wider system perspective and our collective wisdom

  4. Navigate our way to the future for Goa we and our children want and need

We are asking for YOUR HELP to make this vision

a reality

Join in! Offer what you know and join a supportive community of diverse Goa-Lovers who want to participate in imagining a flourishing green future for Goa