Java day – Open space technology in Hyderabad 2017

We start the day with a check in. 54 people meeting for a JAVA day

After explaining open space technology, the bazaar has begun

smaller groups are formed and lots of good work is being done

Hi Tamer,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful session on improving Java ecosystem using OST technique. I enjoyed working with you on this new technique, daily check-in and check-out are great J

You have made it really simple for us to understand the rules and involved us in the workshop throughout. The real take away for me is the concept of OST and how powerful it is to solve any complex problem.

Team was very much engaged in coming up with topics, discussions and final outcome was wonderful. Every team member was happy to see the outcome and hopeful that we can really act on it to improve the Java ecosystem in our organization.

Overall experience with Circlewallas is awesome! Thank you for a great learning on OST and looking forward to work with you again!


Surya. (Senior Technical Architect/Evangelist)